Star Warning System

Star Warning System 6556H - AEROSTAR HALOGEN LIGHTBARS 56"

Lighbar 56" AeroStar Bar 6556H

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6500 Series Star Aerostar® Lightbar 56" 3 Lens Tow Packages.

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  • Lighbar 56" AeroStar Bar 6556H
Fiche Technique

If you are looking for a lightbar for the cab of your ambulance, the 6501H is the answer. The bar combines three 50 watt halogen rotators with a mirror array that delivers maximum visibility to the front and sides of you vehicle without the increased amperage draw of six rotators. 6500H, 6500HSL, and 6500SL offer full 360 degree of coverage. 

Lenses, filters, and inserts are available in red, blue, amber, green, and clear. An aluminum direct roof mount kit is standard and included (920-39). Optional tow mount direct roof mount kit is available as a substitution to the standard kit (920-39T).


Product Features:

Polished stainless steel centerpiece standard; black matte centerpiece optional
Inserts are only available on 16” dome sections (up to two inserts front and two to the rear)
Standard Models:


6531H: Five halogen rotators, two front flashers, two rear worklights, two V-mirrors, two stop/tail/turn lights, two 16”end dome sections*, one 12” center dome section
6556H: Four halogen rotators, one double medium V-mirror, two front flashers, two stop/tail/turn lights,two stop/tail/turn lights, two 12” dome sections*, one 16” dome section

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