Armas SPARK-M - Mini Lightbar (30 LEDs, 85cm)

Mini Lightbar (30 LEDs, 85cm) SPARK-M

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SPARK-M/85-30 Armas Mini Lightbar (30 LEDs, 85cm)

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  • Mini Lightbar (30 LEDs, 85cm) SPARK-M
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Nbrs LED & Dimensions
 The opportunity to communicate with other warning groups thanks to RS232 commucation protocol
 Voltage regulation and currency control circuit on each LED modules
 Red, blue, amber, green, white coloured power LEDs
 Light strength powered by special designed lenses
 Optional LED projector
 UV and impact resistanced optical polycarbonate lenses with different colours
 Stainless materials
 Usage in different areas thanks to various ligth and colour configurations
 Operation voltage between 10,5VDC-30VDC
 Multiple flash pattern
 Standards: with suitable configurations ECE R65 and SAE
 Length: 86 cm (for the other options please contact us)
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