Armas FLARE/123-42 - FLARE Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm)

Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm) FLARE/123-42

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FLARE/123-42 Armas Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm)

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  • Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm) FLARE/123-42
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New Drop Down List
  • Slim design
  • Strong construction with mono block aliminium body
  • The opportunity to communicate with other warning groups thanks to RS232 commucation protocol
  • Voltage regulation and currency control circuit on each LED modules
  • Red, blue, amber, green, white coloured power LEDs
  • Light strength powered by special designed lenses
  • Optional traffic cleaner/take down LED projectors
  • UV and impact resistanced optical polycarbonate lenses with different colours
  • Stainless materials
  • Usage in different areas thanks to various ligth and colour configurations
  • Operation voltage between 10,5VDC-30VDC
  • The LED light strength contrast opportunity (optional)
  • The feature to shut down the back warning LEDs (optional)
  • Multiple flash pattern
  • Standards: with suitable configurations ECE R65 and SAE
  • Thicness: maximum 6cm
  • Length: 81cm, 91cm, 114cm, 123cm, 145cm, 160cm, 180cm (for the other options please contact us)
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