Armas MEMED/123-42 - MEMED Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm)

MEMED Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm) MEMED/123-42

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MEMED/123-42 Armas Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm)

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  • MEMED Lightbar (42 LEDs, 123cm) MEMED/123-42
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Use in various managed numbers
Different types of flash
Possibility of communication with other alert groups and siren system via the RS232 communication protocol
Voltage regulation and current control circuit on LED modules
Intensity of light intensified by specially designed lenses
Polycarbonate plastic material resistant to UV and shock
Color options:

LED: red, blue, orange, green, white
Plastic parts: transparent and colorless clear options

Traffic Advisor Function
Function to turn off the backlight
Adjusting the light intensity for night use
Corner indicators (synchronized with the vehicle signal)
Mounting options:

Direct editing
Clamp mounting


Operating voltage 12-24VDC
EMC compliance
Length: 79cm, 88cm, 112cm, 121cm, 142cm (for other lengths, skip to model)
Width: 22cm
Height: 4.5 cm
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