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Star Warning System SS650 - Model SS650 Siren - Economy 100 Watt

Model SS650 Siren - Economy 100 Watt SS650

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Model SS650 Siren - Economy 100 Watt

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  • Model SS650 Siren - Economy 100 Watt SS650
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Product Features:

Combine small size with big power!
Updated rugged amplifier design
24 Programmable siren tones including:
- Simulated mechanical wail & manual
- 8 Air horn tones
New connector requires no special terminals
Retrofit any old siren harness install with a wire stripper and screw driver
Ideal for volunteers and vehicles with limited mounting space
Self resetting circuit protection against speaker shorts
Wail, Yelp, Air Horn, Phaser, and Manual functions
Aux enable can be used to enable a siren/air horn tone; or for duplexed hands free tone cycling
Dip switches and push button for option selection
Positive and negative switching for AUX
High and low voltage shutdown protection
Diagnostics LED
Built in fuse
Drives one 100 watt speaker
Ships complete with positive locking connector, mounting bracket, hardware, and instructions

- SS650: 2”H x 6”W x 5”D
- Amplifier: 2”H x 6.34”W x 4” D
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Output: 100 watts (1 speaker)
Voltage: 10 - 16V DC
Frequency: 675-3000Hz
Amp draw: 8 amps
Approvals: Exceeds Acoustical and environmental requirements of SAE J1849*, CA Title 13 Class A* (*when used with SVP drivers and approved tones)
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