Star Warning System

Star Warning System DLS306 - SPHERICAL LED HEAD AMB/AMB Light Star Mini-Comet™


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Model DLS306 LED Light Star Mini-Comet™

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  • SPHERICAL LED HEAD AMB/AMB  Light Star Mini-Comet™ DLS306
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Fiche Technique

Maximum light output in a minimum package! The STAR Mini-Comet™ can mount almost anywhere. There is no need to install a separate flasher unit -- it’s built-in to this miniature housing! Don’t let the STAR Mini-Comet’s small size fool you, it packs awesome light power!
Product Features

Omni-directional, mounts in any direction
Self contained flasher, no external flasher required
25 Customer selectable flash patterns, including steady on
6 STAR Gen 4 LEDs
Circuitry is fully encapsulated within housing for vibration and water protection
Lens has a diffusing optics for wider coverage
Kit includes snap on polycarbonate black or chrome bezel which hides screw heads for a clean install
S-Link System™ synchronizing capability with other STAR LED units
Dimensions: 7/8” H X 1 7/8” W x 2 9/16” L
Voltage: 10-30V DC
Amp Draw: 1.2 amps max
Colors available: AA, BB, RR, WW, GG, AB, AR, AW, BW, RB, RW
White bezels now available
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