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SoundOff - EPL7PDAC

Votre Prix :4 428,92 Dh HT

Pinnacle Mini Lightbar w/ Permanent Mount

new Pinnacle Series Lightbars feature our exclusive Fusion Technology optics. Fusion Technology fuses the wide angle and light output aspects for a super, wide angle output that blasts the light farther than any other light.

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SoundOff - EL3H04A00

Prix Normal : 3 237,00 Dh HT

Votre Prix :2 202,00 Dh HT

UltraLITE Exterior LED Directional/Warning

UltraLITE Exterior LED Directional/Warning

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SoundOff - 2051F

Prix Normal : 653,25 Dh HT

Votre Prix :444,39 Dh HT

2000 Series Beacon

2000 Series Strobe Beacon Self-Contained (Single Flash) 5 Watt Strobe Magnetic Mount

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SoundOff - 5157lFA

Prix Normal : 832,22 Dh HT

Votre Prix :566,14 Dh HT

5000 Series Economy Strobe

5000 Series Economy Strobe Self-Contained (Double & Quad Flash) 15 Watt, Cast Aluminum Base, Surface Mount, 4" Low Dome - Amber

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SoundOff - 1051F

Prix Normal : 2 474,28 Dh HT

Votre Prix :1 322,64 Dh HT

1000 Series Beacon Flat Mount

1000 Series Strobe Beacon Self-Contained, Single Flash, 5 Watt Strobe, Plastic Base, Surface Mount

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SoundOff - ELB45BCH0AA

Prix Normal : 1 685,77 Dh HT

Votre Prix :1 461,00 Dh HT

4500 Series LED Beacon, Aluminum Base,

4500 Series LED Beacon with superior optics for optimal light distributionfor a bright 360 degree signal.

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SoundOff - ETETMM-P

Prix Normal : 590,61 Dh HT

Votre Prix :401,78 Dh HT

Motorcycle Flasher, pulsating at 3.6 f.p.s.

DRL feature - adds Daytime Running Lights to low beams remain on for enhanced daylight visibility & proper night-time illumination.

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SoundOff - EL3MBP30DWC

Prix Normal : 4 745,10 Dh HT

Votre Prix :4 112,42 Dh HT

LED 3 MiniBar, Permanent Mount

EW! LED3 Mini Lightbar is built with ten LED3 Mini Light Modules. The modules are placed around the inside perimeter of the housing providing 360 degrees of bright LED output. Clear outer housing is made with a durable polycarbonate with a UV inhibitor to

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SoundOff - EPL8000

Prix Normal : 8 276,02 Dh HT

Votre Prix :7 172,55 Dh HT

Pinnacle Interior LightBar Dernier generation

Pinnacle Interior LightBar - 1/2 Red or Amber & 1/2 Blue or White without Takedowns.

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SoundOff - EPL9000

Prix Normal : 15 080,64 Dh HT

Votre Prix :13 069,88 Dh HT

Pinnacle Exterior Lightbar - 48". Dernier generation

New!! Pinnacle Series lightbars feature our innovative optics design, Fusion Technology, the first ever optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther & wider for a bright, safe warning signal.

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102 Produits
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